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Thank you for seeing me!

I’ve spent years trying to get clarity in my business. I’ve hired coaches, done masterminds and have whole binders of “notes” on my vision.

And everything still felt a little vague and overwhelming.

Actually, one of the first questions I had for Katie was, “how’s this going to be different?”

She walked me through a simple process that helped me clarify what my woman wants, what positions me as the “go-to” guide and what I offer to support her journey.

Katie’s got a keen ability to listen to the words between the words and then create clear, easy to understand copy.


After our first call, I felt clearer in my own head!


I walked away feeling a deeper connection to my own vision. And empowered to create it with joy and ease.


I felt seen and heard.

Together, we created a cohesive brand message and clear strategy for connecting with my ideal clients. The website looks and feels like me, and my emails are informative, fun and engaging.


I’m thrilled with the process and the final product. I LOVED our time together.


Katie is brilliant and a dream to work with.

Bonnie Earl, Women's Empowerment Coach

Exactly what I needed to get unstuck and move my business forward.

Katie was a gift from the universe! My project felt BIG and I was a bit nervous hiring someone to do my copywriting. Plus, taking the leap to invest in my business felt a bit scary--lot’s of fear could easily have crept in.

But after one phone call with Katie I knew I’d chosen the right woman for the project. She’s a solid sounding board for business strategy and sailed through all my questions with patience and grace.

I loved that she was so quick at "understanding my voice" and crafting copy that was on point with my brand and my message. Seriously, she’s an incredible listener and “gets you” in record time.

I’m still in awe.


She’s exactly what I needed to get unstuck and move my business forward. Having her support me and my vision, and take the work off my hands, felt like freedom.

Katie cares so deeply about her clients and their success, and that deep care and attention is rare. She is THE answer for anyone who needs someone to hold their hand through the process of bringing your vision--and business-to life.

I’d still be stuck spinning my wheels instead of moving forward if I hadn’t hired her.

Sonja Franzmann, Lifestyle Coach For Wine Lovers

Copy that works for you AND grows your business. 

I initially hired Katie to help me with my own brand messaging and sales funnel strategy. 

I thought I was hiring a “wordsmith” but got so, so much more.

It’s rare to find writers that take the time to understand the company and industry they’re writing about the way Katie does.


We’ve collaborated on a wide range of industries--from health & wellness to the environment to personal finance.

And she always finds “the right” story. She truly has a knack for finding that Golden Thread in your brand story and weaving together a cohesive message for your website and sales funnel.

Besides the fact that she’s actually fun to work with, my favorite thing about her process is how she infuses a conversational style into her copy so the reader feels immediately engaged and connected.


She’s like a business strategy Jedi with writing superpowers. 

The real deal.


I consider her a key partner in my business and highly recommend her.

Kris Jones, Brand Transformer & Design Strategist

Worth. Every. Penny.

Before I hired Katie to help me with the copy on my website I was completely overwhelmed. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to say, but I had no idea how to say it.

Enter the incomparable Katie Tibbetts ;)

Thanks to Katie, my vision is clearly and effectively laid out for my potential and current clients. Katie is more than a writer, she is also a business consultant.

She knows the trends of the industry and what effectively sells her clients to their clients. My website is dramatically more effective because she had a hand in crafting it.

I absolutely loved working with Katie. After a one hour phone conversation she went to work and came up with copy that is so “me”. She was able to put my vision on (virtual) paper and it’s spot on. She gets me, which made the process easy and fun.

She. Is. Worth. Every. Penny.​

Working with Katie is a no-brainer.  I was hesitant to pay someone to do something that I believed I could do pretty well. But I know now that while I may have done a pretty good job crafting the words for my website, the end result would not have been nearly as effective. 

She helped me make strategic decisions about how to position myself in the nutrition marketplace; had she not counseled me in the way she did, I would have made some mistakes and been forced to learn the hard way.

Seriously, don't hesitate to hire her.

Jill Maronde, Holistic Nutritionist

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